Use Failure to Grow Your Business

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An interview with Rita McGrath, Professor, Columbia Business School. How can companies plan and pursue an aggressive growth agenda with confidence?

Writing a Business Plan

Many people have unique ideas about businesses they want to start. But before you do anything, you need to have a detailed business plan in

Corporate Governance -The Powerful Business Tool

Satyam Computers scam will go down in history as a perfect example of a Corporate Governance fiasco. Such unfortunate happenings put a question mark on

Just in Time – An Effective Manufacturing Strategy

Just in Time-what does it mean? Just in time is a strategy which is intended to rationalize the manufacturing operations of a company, by eliminating

Project Finance – An Important Source of Financing

What is project finance? Project finance is defined as long term financing of industrial and infrastructure projects. Financing, in case of project finance is done

Work at home options for women

So you are a very busy women a few years back and suddenly when your toddler is running for the school bus, you have a

Marketing Challenges and Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a crucial aspect in business, not because it is the department that fetches business revenue, but because it is the function that is

SWOT Analysis-Effective and Time tested Business Analytical Tool

You, me and most of us at some stage of our academic career have come across the term SWOT. SWOT technique has been historically used

India -The Most Attractive Destination for Outsourcing

India remains the most sought after destination for outsourcing by foreign companies. As per global management consultancy A T Kearney’s rankings last year, India was

Data Mining-The Software Application that is Beneficial to Business

Data mining as the name suggest is the process of extracting data from the piles of historical information. Data mining, the latest buzzword is used