Tips To Motivate Your Team For Business Success

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When you are in the business field, there is nothing like being a single player always. In any business there will be a team working with you. Sometimes the team may be working along with you i.e. your colleagues or at other times the team may be working under you. Whatever the team category may be, what you need out of them is your maximum potential. Nobody in the business field would want an under performing team with them.

Teams in the office set up will constitute of the boss, the staff or the sales people and the office staff. A well balanced correlation between each of these factors will bring out the maximum potential in them. Experts in management field have come up with 3 ideas to motivate your team to do well. The three ideas are the following:

You should spend quality time with them: When you are the boss of an organization and there is a team of employees working under you, it should be your priority to spend some quality time with them. That doesn’t mean spending large time with them, but spending minimum quality time with them.

Knowing each member of the team personally will add to your advantage. Understand the members of your group and how they cope up with the work and build a good relationship with them. Giving them quality time might lead to their thinking that you care them as an individual. These time you spend with them will also result in the coming of ideas and suggestions from them, which might lead to success.

Give them proper feedback: what a good team manager should do is to congratulate a tem player when he is doing well in sales and when one is not doing that good, give him advice to increase his output. Studies in US have shown that more than 60%of the workforce in America never received praise from their employers.

The employer shouldn’t think that praising the employee would result in bad circumstances. Nut he should understand that while praising him, the employee might do well again and seeing this rest of the team will, also work hard.

Be empowered: empowerment is getting utilized what you have in hand. You may be surprised that your team might be under utilized. What a good manager does is to utilize the skill, knowledge and experience of the people they have to the maximum.

These are some of the ways to motivate your team. Understand the key concepts and implement in your office and see the results.


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