The RAMP Model: Means to Study Business Opportunities

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Every business idea or opportunity needs to be studied in detail before it is turned into a real product. There are many theories which can

Discrimination at work place

No place is just perfect place for work and various discriminatory actions at work place are very well known. Discrimination can surface in top management

Talent Acquisition – Flexible Working and Work Life Balance

When trying to make a successful career and have a satisfying life, people generally find it a tough act to master. For one, there are

How to Cope with Workplace Change Management

Change is important and necessary in offices. Organizations keep bringing change in the existing system in order to make it better functional and productive. Change

Strategies to Drive Employee’s Motivation

As stated in industrial psychology reinforcement, whether in monetary or in form of object, plays vital role in the success of any organizations. A basic

Manage your ten year old Sales team

We come across several articles written on efficiently managing sales team, but question comes, when we are boss to sales team who has experience more

Different Levels of Managements

Top-level Executives Top administrators in most institutes have a big deal of decision-making experience as well as have stirred up from side to side the

Management Skills

Technical Skill Technological skill occupies understanding as well as demonstrating skill in an exacting place of work movement. Technical talents are things like using a

Organizational Management and Communication Skills – Assertive Communication

Management is the art of getting things done from a group of people in a system to achieve common goals. In business terms, it becomes

Various Functions of Management

Scheduling The first constituent of administration is preparation. A manager should decide what the association’s goals are as well as how to reach those targets.

Motivate Your Team to Move Up the Career Ladder

Being the boss is everyone’s goal. We put-in our best efforts, toil for months and fill our appraisal sheets with our list of achievements. We

Securing the job

Have you ever being fired on short notice? Do you have nightmares of loosing job in a sluggish economy or depreciating growth of company? Let’s

Leadership Development for Business Success

There is a difference among companies – those that grow on and go on to be listed among the greatest and those that are just

Why competency study is important for projects

Continuous friction and high employee turnover in projects is often a costly concern for not only the project stakeholders but also concerns the human resources

Cross-culture Management for Managers

A modern day company does not operate in an isolated environment. Often an employee has to be part of on-site visits in other countries. The


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