Textile Industry in Brazil

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Needless to mention Brazil is one of the powerful developing economy and eye candy of many exporting and business firms. It has all favorable conditions which attracted the inverters to put in their money. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, located nearby other crucial countries like Peru, Colombia, Venezuela. Rich with natural resources like gold, iron ore, manganese, phosphates, platinum, tin, petroleum, hydropower etc. Needless to mention Brazil has textile industry in its Industries list among others like chemicals, steel, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, other equipment. There are some specific areas denoted to particular textile manufacturing and finishing units and even supply of textile chemicals manufacturing.

Sao Paulo: This is commercial city of Brazil where most of the companies Corporate offices happen to be operating. However city also has hub for various traders dealing into textile, garments and textile chemical commercialization activities. On the other hand it also has some the acrylic yarn and fiber units’ operational at large scale. This can be very attractive place for investors planning to set up their trade activities or supply chemicals which can be used in dyeing, finishing, and raw material to manufacture acrylic yarn and fiber.

Santa Catarina: This state is located at very strategic location and common market place in South American countries.  This is also hub for major textile chemical manufacturing plants in Paraná, Brusque and its capital Florianopolis. There are various Garments manufacturing units also, having their retail stores spread all over Brazil. Since this state has biggest SEZ there are numerous depots and warehousing facilities. Also it has most busy port Itajai where about 50% of Brazil total shipments have been cleared.

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