How to Identify and Reach Niche Markets for Business

Niche marketing – is the strategy of targeting small segments of a population and building up your customer base there. Niche marketing, is a very cost-effective option for a business, as it concentrates mainly on a particular group, which will be interested in its products. However, in order to reach […]

How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

The ultimate goal of all marketing activity is to facilitate mutually satisfying exchange between parties. The activities include design, pricing, promotion, and sharing of ideas, supplies, and services. The role of marketing and nature of marketing actions inside an organization are powerfully influenced and guided by the organizations philosophy and […]

3 Ways To Market A Business

It is important for a business to undertake various forms of marketing activities in order to inform customers on its products and services. Without this information, it may not be possible to create awareness on the products and services offered by the company and to influence the purchase decision of […]