Best practices in Project Management

Every organization would like to have the best practices in project management for successful and quick implementation of projects. But the truth is,  managing a project from the start to finish does not require any extra-ordinary or new steps, just the usual standard procedures. To achieve best practices one needs to […]

Best Way To Choose An Accounting System

In a highly competitive business environment,companies are required to quickly adapt to the changes taking place in internal and external environment affecting the organization. Customers expect quick delivery of their orders and resolution of their complaints. Similarly, vendors expect timely and quick disbursement of their outstanding payments. Further, it is […]

Advantages of Selling On The Web

In the computerized modern world of today the usage of internet is fast growing and increasing day by day. Computers are there in every home and the online selling has become all the more number one. People irrespective of their place of origin or country are buying and selling online. […]

Email Advertising & It’s benefit for Business Promotions

Email Advertising One of effective ways of promoting product and services is email advertising. Potential attached with email advertising is immense. If carefully done, it is able to generate massive traffic, which results in huge revenues. As compared to other modes of advertising, email advertising is more beneficial. One of […]

Basis for Promotion – Advantages

There are two well-established bases of employee promotion namely, •    Seniority, •    Merit. Merit as the Basis of Promotion Merit refers to knowledge, skill, talent, competence, and capability as different from education, training, and past service record. Advantages Merit system makes better deployment of resources at the high level. Merit […]

How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

The ultimate goal of all marketing activity is to facilitate mutually satisfying exchange between parties. The activities include design, pricing, promotion, and sharing of ideas, supplies, and services. The role of marketing and nature of marketing actions inside an organization are powerfully influenced and guided by the organizations philosophy and […]