Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

B2C Marketing Strategies  Running a successful business is not easy considering the kind of competition we have in the market. We need to have some strategies which set us apart from the rest of the crowd. B2C marketing can be defines s a business which provides products to the final […]

Importance Of Bank Guarantee

What Is Bank Guarantee An essential component of any large order business transaction is advance cash payments and/or proof of liquidity. The seller of the product or service may want to see that the buyer has favorable cash or bank position to pay off the debt and the buyer needs […]

Autocratic Leadership & It’s Models

Autocratic Leadership In this kind of leadership, the leader alone determines policy and makes plans. He tells other what to do and how to do it. He demands strict obedience and relies on the power of his position to reward and punish others. An autocratic leader maybe either authoritative who […]

Is Branding Important To Small Business?

Small Business Branding Strategy Frequency of advertisement featured on Television makes a band popular or publication in various prints media, most popular jingle on Radio or Cricketers wearing the logo on their sleeves gauge the brand popularity.  Branding is one mode through which company affects the consumer perceptions with regard […]

Credit Card Processing To Grow Your Business

Credit card processing is now a common tool in business. This helps in popularizing the business and also increasing the sales quotient of the business. This is definitely one of the better ways to carry out transactions in a secure way. The workings are very simple and over the globe […]

Customer Service: A link between customer and the supplier

Customer Service is a system organized to provide a long-lasting link between the customer and the supplier from the time, the order is received, goods/services delivered and used, with the objective of satisfying customer needs constantly. Market positioning is nothing but manufacturing a product keeping a specific target group in […]

Four Important Steps In Calculation Of Accounts Receivable

Any company selling goods or providing services on credit to its customers will have accounts receivable in its balance sheet. Having accounts receivable may not EFT Versus Debit Card Nowadays, every bank account holder has multiple options for making payments. Different types of cards (debit and credit card) are available […]