Grow your Biz

Marketing is an art as well as a science. With each passing era new inventions and innovations have been given to the world, which in a way have had an impact on the ways the companies execute their marketing exercise. Same goes for the web based media as well. Business […]

Types of businesses that can be started by a person

People adopt various types of professions for earning livelihood and each of these differ in levels of income, skills etc. One profession that can fetch good income to a person is of doula. Online shopping has become very popular in past some years. People do not like to visit stores […]

Business opportunity – Window cleaning

Window cleaning is one business opportunity that can be started with a very small investment. Role of window cleaners is to clean windows of business places and residential units from outside. Many types of events are noticed that are attended by people for different reasons. In fact, events are very […]

Running a business

Running a business requires that you have a business plan in place before starting out. But this business plan should not be rigid or follow a set patterns at all times. It should be flexible enough to adapt to the changes in your business. Whether you are a mom who […]

Small business concentrating on a niche idea

There are companies that are offering products and services meant specifically for new born, teenagers, adolescents and adults. Vietnam has been enormous market for textile and garment industry for centuries including the hand made work such as embroidery, laces manufacturing and silk weaving. If you are creative, love wearing accessories […]


The formation of consumer attitudes is strongly influenced by personal experience, the influence of family and friends, direct marketing and mass media. You’ve got a company or you’re going to launch one, in either case you have to have a grand opening party to let yourself known to more and […]

Safe Email Advertising- How It Is Done – Ways of Safe Email Advertising

Email advertising has emerged as an effective way for the companies to promote their products and services. Target audience is reached in no time through this type of advertising and this is the reason why email advertising is chosen in place of other online advertising programs. However, for email advertising […]