Chief Characteristics Of Organizational Culture – Functions Of Organizational Culture

Organizational culture consists of values, norms, rituals, assumptions and beliefs that are shared by the employees of the organization. Different organizations consist of different organizational cultures. Characteristics of organizational culture Innovation and risk taking The organizational culture plays a very important role in making the employees of the organization innovative […]

How To Move A Business By Checklist » Checklist For Moving A Business

Are you planning to move your business to a new place but do not know how to manage everything properly? Though moving a business is not an easy task but the following things may make your work a little easier. Inform Other People Inform your business partners, customers and suppliers […]

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur – Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

There are a number of important characteristics in common that are shared by great and successful entrepreneurs. Most of the characteristics are learned or developed by experience. Some important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are – Self confidence: To become success in the competitive business world of today, self confidence and […]

Changes in Standard of Living in the US economy

Concept The concept of the standard of living, apart from the possession of goods, also includes the dimensions of livelihood that can not be afforded by the person or simply not available, e.g., services offered by the state and the quality of the ecology. The methods to measure the standard […]

Characteristics Of A Strong Brand – Benefits Of Having A Strong Brand

Branding is an important aspect of marketing mix. It helps the organization’s to distinguish its products or its services from the rest of the products or services and thus brings  recognition to the organization. Therefore, every organization makes an effort to build strong brand name for its products which in […]

Channel Sales Tips for a Good Sale of Your Product in the Market

Channel sales are the responsible team in a channel company to sell the product through marketing. Though the team of channel sales know their job of distribution as well as reselling of the product, it is also important to know this team should work along with marketing channel for selling […]


Hedging is a mechanism to reduce the risk of adverse price movements of an asset. It’s an investment undertaken to reduce the risk of adverse Practical tips for money management No matter how much or how hard certain philosophers talk about money as a want, and not a necessity, they […]