Manners In A Business Meeting

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Business Meeting Etiquette Tips – Often, we only attend meetings and not chair them. It is not always that you will have to speak at a meeting, but it is still important to be as serious about it, since it does concern you.Make sure you dress appropriately. Be as formally dressed as you would if it were your own. You need to be as dressy, but make the effort to take a little special care.

Be on time for the meeting. Respect the other person’s time and effort that has gone in to make the presentation, be there when you are required to.

Take the trouble to to know what the presentation is about. Make your own notes. If the presenter has send you a copy of the presentation before hand, go through it and see what comments you have. You may have more to contribute, so make sure that you have given it a thought before you get to the meeting.

It is terrbile to be on the phone during a meeting, or even to keep busy texting. Put your phone ringer off, and excuse yourself if you have to take a very important phone call. If you are expecting an important call, it is better to make it known before the meeting has begun, so people can excuse you if you have to get up mid way.

Keep your body language a little more passive. This is not your time. Let the person chairing the meeting take the lead, and do not get too aggressive or dominating with the way that you carry yourself.

Take turns at talking. Let others also have a chance to talk. It is not only important to know what to say, but also when to say it and how much you need to say as well.

If the meeting is informal and at a venue which is away from the office, do not take it too lightly. You must still maintain decorum and respect the work culture. You are still here as a representative of your company, and must behave appropriately.

Often, you do not intent to, but end up making a mistake. Being careful and some thought will help avoid serious mishaps in a meeting.


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