Internal Audit Versus External Audit

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Every organization is required to maintain financial records of its business. Financial statements of an entity are required to be evaluated to ensure that they

Three Important Advantages Of Aged Payables Report

A company has to purchase various items for carrying out its business operations. For a manufacturing company, it is impossible to earn revenue without selling

Dealer Shipment Date Versus Invoice Date

Goods are sold by businesses to earn profits. In every sales transaction, there is a seller and a customer. A seller has to provide a

Role And Purpose Of Staffing In Business

Staffing is one of the functions of management. Staffing involves recruitment, selection, training and development of employees to meet organizational objectives. Every company requires employees

Five Steps In Recruiting Best Employees

Recruiting inefficient employees can cost heavily to a company. A company has to incur salary costs, training and development costs and other staff welfare costs

Five External Uses Of Accounting

A company is required to prepare accurate and reliable financial statements for each accounting period. Information contained in financial statements is used by various internal

Meaning Of Travel And Expense Policy

Business policies act as guidelines to employees. Policies contain important information on rules pertaining to a business process or to an entire organization. Every organization

Best Tools To Support HR Planning Of Your Company

Any organization needs a well established and functional Human resource department for stimulating its growth. The HR department focuses on the business practices, goals of

Four Different Methods Of Obtaining EIN

An important requirement for carrying business in U.S.A. is to obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN). EIN is frequently used for identification of a business and

How To Protect Assets In Bankruptcy

There are times when your business runs into deep crisis. You are unable to pay creditors in time and foreclosure is looming large on your

Valid Reasons For A Layoff

In corporate and business world, dismissal of employees is common. This happens due to many reasons. Sometimes, these reasons can be attributed to the management

5 Simple Tools For A Paperless Office

The concept of paperless office is gaining momentum in present times, as it allows businesses and organizations to increase their profit margins. For achieving paperless

Personality Types That Do Best In Management

All managers are not good managers. There are certain traits in personality that separate the good managers from their average counterparts. If you are planning

How To Go Green In Your Business

In past few years, efforts for making earth green have gained considerable attention from governments as well as from companies. Businesses and individuals are now

How To Ride The Business Cycle

A business thrives through several stages like growth, peak, recession, trough and recovery. Growth or expansion of a business reaches its peak from where it


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