How to Start A Blind Cleaning Business

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Blind cleaning business is one among those businesses that can be profitably started from home. This business has low barriers of entry as not many people are inclined to clean dirty and dusty blinds.

Blind cleaning services are generally hired by people for keeping the windows perfectly cleaned and in shape.

Most of blinds that are found in windows are made of aluminum and vinyl. For cleaning such blinds, a person can either bring them down or can make use of spray and wipe process. Blinds can be brought down easily and can be put in a bathtub along with the cleaner.

They can be perfectly cleaned then and rinsed. When become dry, they can be installed again. Apart from these, some new methods have been developed that use advanced technology and are very simple to use. These methods are also quick. For example, ultrasound blind cleaning is one of them.

Dirt is removed from the blinds by using high frequency sound waves. Even jewelers are using this method for cleaning the jewelry items. For cleaning a set of blinds, time taken is hardly 30 seconds. Complete process is finished by application of a drying agent on blinds.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines can be purchased easily. If a person has small budget with him, he can get same on lease. Since customer calls generally arise from different parts in the city, it is desirable that a person gets an ultrasonic cleaning machined fitted at the back of his car. This makes business mobile and increase income too.

If a person does not have any vehicle and is also finding it difficult to purchase the same, he can start the business from his garage or a storefront. In such a case, customers would be required to drop their blinds for cleaning. This, however, does not offer good income opportunities.

Various types of customers for blind cleaning business are apartments, homes, hospitals, businesses, offices, restaurants etc. Initially, a person has to make serious efforts for popularizing the business. Either he can give advertisements in local newspapers or can distribute the pamphlets. Pricing of services should be done carefully. In needed, home picking and delivery services can be offered. Amicable behavior helps a person in retaining clients.


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