How To Move A Business By Checklist » Checklist For Moving A Business

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Are you planning to move your business to a new place but do not know how to manage everything properly? Though moving a business is not an easy task but the following things may make your work a little easier.

Inform Other People

Inform your business partners, customers and suppliers about your plans of moving your business. Give them complete information about your new address and contact numbers. If you wish you can state the reason for moving your business. Decide the date and time when you would like to move and inform these people about it. Contact your service providers and let them know of your moving plan.

Give them complete information about your new location and enquire if they will be able to install all your equipment. If they agree to come over to your new place then it is okay otherwise you need to hire new service providers to install your equipment.

Assign Urgent Tasks To Your Employees

Inform your employees about your decision to move your business. Explain them clearly about the work they need to complete before shifting. Ask them not to leave any pending work. If you are providing new facilities for your employees then let them know. Prepare a list of important tasks which you need to complete before shifting. Plan in advance the location of your employee’s cubicles. Make a list of things which you will need at your new place. Remove unwanted materials from your current location.

Put Proper Labels On The Packing Boxes

You can also hire professional packers to pack your office accessories and equipment. Instruct the packers to put correct labels on the packing boxes. If possible, ask one of your employees to remain present at the time of packing to see that everything is done correctly. However if you are planning to do the packing yourself, remember to buy packing boxes. You can take the help of your employees for this purpose.

Plan Everything According To Your Financial Budget

You need to plan everything in such a way that the cost of moving your business falls within your budget. If you have made up your mind to utilize the services of professional packers then know their charges in advance. You also have to arrange for a truck to shift your material to the new location. Visit your new location and look for the space where the truck can be parked and materials can be unloaded.

Get Insurance

You need to have your stuff insured. If your things get damaged or stolen due to negligence of the driver, you can recover your cost from his company. You should carry valuable things, confidential papers and important documents of your company with you.

Replace Your Old Address With The New Address

You should also start printing new business cards, envelopes and letterhead that should contain new address and contact number of your company. Update your website with the new address of your company. You will also need to modify your computer software, marketing materials and brochures.