How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

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Making an employee to identify his/her purpose of being in the organization itself is a motivation. A program comprises the following activities, will be highly effective in motivating employees.

Goal Setting: Goal setting means drawing ones thorough attention or focus to a particular result to be accomplished in a time frame. Organization should have a vision as well as mission and the goals of employees have to be in harmony with the mission. Goals should be SMART. S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Relevant and T-time Bounded. Adhering to the SMART guidelines will help employees in organizational developments and will make work place enjoyable.

Communication: A two way communication system for easy understanding of employee-employer should exist. Proper communication provides guidance towards goals, direction, reminder to the goals and hope. The door should be open for employees to communicate with the team leaders/superiors to have more new ideas, transparency.

Individual Counseling: Once in a month or quarter counseling of each employee with specified goals will contribute to mentor the employee, excellent bonding with team leaders. Timely correction, sound relation with the total work force can be achieved.

Recognition: Recognizing every effort and achievement will motivate employees to a very large extent. Implementation of a proper recognition system like recognizing during get together, half yearly or Annual meet, higher authorities’ visits to the plant/office, distribution of certificates, gifts will motivate work force.

New Challenges: People will be demotivated when they feel monotonous in same responsibilities for long. Identifying the potential of employees through counseling and past performances, awarding new assignments will make him unleash true potential and feel that organization have hope on him.

Continuous Education program: To maintain high performance mindset, a continuous education program in the organization should exist. Training by resource people, exposure on trends/changes in the industry, industrial benchmarks and speech by winners of exemplary awards in the industry will contribute a lot.

Proportionate Rewards: In employee attitude, immediate reward plays a major role. To inspire or satisfy this need, a proper, transparent and proportionate incentive package for high performance is a good tool for better performance.

Lead by example: Last but not least, a leader is one who leads by setting a good example. To lead a highly motivated team, leader should show high level of enthusiasm, love, energy, integrity, honesty and commitment. The leader should acquire high personal and professional qualities to mentor the entire team.


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