How to Attract Investors to Fund Your Business and Writing a Business Plan to Attract Investor

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There are many people who want to start their own businesses. While they have their ideas and plans in place, they lack investments to fund their businesses. The biggest challenge faced by any person starting a new venture is how to attract investors for business funding and how to get a credible financial backing?

When starting a business define your business plan clearly. This would form the foundation of getting the financial backers interested in your proposal. They need to know the strategies that you plan to employ for the growth and development of the business. They need assurance that your plans are to expand the business and make profits.

List your goals and draw a mission statement. The goals should be well-defined. Not only will this help the investors understand the business better but will likely speed up the business funding process.

Next, prepare a list of the hierarchy that would be followed in the office. Set in the important positions and the names of the people who would be occupying them. It is important that their credentials be given as well especially if they are likely to impress the investors.

Lastly, make a clear cut financial plan. The investors need to know exactly how much money you require, where will you be investing it in, the installments that would be paid and of course the amount of profit that would result from the business funding. They would be interested in knowing the return they would receive by making investments.

Today there are plenty of schemes in the market to help business units. If starting a small project take personal loan from a recognized bank. For a bigger project seek the help of business angels and private investors. They work by opting for sharing the profits made by the business instead of return of their investments. Since they take a high risk by putting their money on a business that hasn’t even yet started, they need to be assured of the business plan. Once they are convinced, it will take around 16 weeks for them to give you the required business funding. So they aren’t an option if you are looking for immediate help. Instead you could try taking adequate help from asset finance and invoice factoring. The former can be done if you own expensive property of some kind.

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