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Hedging is a mechanism to reduce the risk of adverse price movements of an asset. It’s an investment undertaken to reduce the risk of adverse

Practical tips for money management

No matter how much or how hard certain philosophers talk about money as a want, and not a necessity, they do sometimes double-check their opinion.

Tips on Saving Money

It is extremely important to save money for the unforeseen contingencies in future. The idea is to secure your present as well as your future,

Importance of Saving Money

Money, is one such commodity that you can never have enough of. No matter, how much you may earn, you always end up spending much

Traditional Money Transfer Preferred as Opposed to Online Money Transfer

Monetary transactions are an inevitable part of our lives. Today online money transfer is a common scenario. It is easy, fast and convenient mode of

Tax Havens-Facing the Wrath of the World

Tax havens are the name given to countries with extremely low tax rates or no rate at all. Almost 15%-25% of the countries across the

Sources of Short Term Finance for Company

All the companies need money to manage their day to day working operations. In order to meet these daily or working capital requirements, a company

Sources of Long Term Finance for Companies

Companies needs finance all the time either for short term or for medium to long term. A company needs short term financing in order to

Bank of America – Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum card

The Bank of America in conjunction with the world famous Hawaiian Airlines has brought its latest – the Visa Platinum card.  This is a must

Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Now a day’s people feel it’s very convenient to use credit card for the purchase for the payment of their bill. Some peoples are not


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