Four Important Steps In Calculation Of Accounts Receivable

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Any company selling goods or providing services on credit to its customers will have accounts receivable in its balance sheet. Having accounts receivable may not

EFT Versus Debit Card

Nowadays, every bank account holder has multiple options for making payments. Different types of cards (debit and credit card) are available for making purchases at

Meaning Of Financial Analysis In Business

A company’s financial statements are used by various stakeholders such as investors, regulatory authorities,creditors and so on to judge a company’s creditworthiness and its ability

How To Build A Business Plan In 3 Easy Steps

It is very important for every business to develop a business plan before undertaking any critical business activity.Companies are required to make continuous profits in

Four Different Types Of Financial Statements

A company has to maintain different types of financial statements in order to ensure proper recording and accounting of various financial transactions. Even though each

Internal Versus External Debt For A Company

A company requires funds to meet its day to day business expenses as well to finance its expansion plans. Funds may be required for purchase

Five Important Purposes Of Accounting

Companies are required to maintain proper books of accounts in order to provide accurate, complete and reliable information to various internal (management and employees) and

Accounting Procedures For Cash Received

A company makes sales in order to earn profits. In some cases cash may be received by the company at the time of making sales.

Meaning Of Straight Line Method Of Depreciation

A company is required to purchase fixed assets from time to time. Such fixed assets help in carrying critical business operations of a company such

Six Important Types Of Consumer Complaints

It is very important for a company to ensure that there is continuous demand for its products or services. A company can enjoy long term

Three Important Purposes Of An External Audit

Performance of audit in an organization helps in achievement of its financial reporting objective. Audit is required to be performed to ensure that adequate and

How To Build A Business Brochure

A company may use various forms of marketing and sales promotion activities to inform existing and potential customers on its products or services. It becomes

Examples Of Sole Proprietorship Firm

Many individuals start their businesses by forming a sole proprietorship firm. This is because it may be difficult for an individual to find a partner/director

Four Important Challenges Of A Sole Proprietorship Business

Irrespective of the nature and size of a company’s operations, every form of business is subject to business risks and challenges. While a private limited

Three Important Components Of Sales Department Training

A company has to make sure that its employees are adequately trained on various business processes. Lack of proper training can result in non achievement