Fiedler’s Model Of Leadership

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This model postulates that the effectiveness of leadership style depends on situational favorableness, i.e., the ease or difficulty with which the leader can influence his

Six Sigma And The Confidence Intervals

Six sigma approach has got the innate notion of the productivity that rests in the doctrine of perfection. That perfection is natural at every stage

Market Positioning Tool: Practiced by Multinational

Market positioning is nothing but manufacturing a product keeping a specific target group in mind and marketing the product to them. In other words the

Dealing with Workplace Conflict

People at workplace have to work together in teams. While working together, conflicts and disagreements are bound to arise.

Team Work: Element for Organization Success

Why is the team needed in an organization? Why when a project or a task is completed the leader always praises his team. It is

Employee Discipline- A Must For All Organizations

Nothing left loose ever does anything creative. No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No steam ever drives anything until it is confined. No

Employee Motivation-Cash or Non-Cash incentives

There is a saying that you can take a horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink, it will drink only if

Communication Barriers

Effective communication is a way of expressing one’s thoughts, feelings or ideas to another individual either in written form or verbal form.

Time Management in Small-Scale Business

A small scale business requires effective time management skills so as to perform several important tasks in a short span of time. Time management allows

Employee Retention – Key to Success

Employees are the backbone of every organization and hence considered to be an important asset for every employer. It’s their knowledge and strength which helps


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