Different Types of Business Advertising- Creative Advertising

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You will often see that a particular product of a company sells more than a similar product of another company, despite no tangible difference in quality. This disparity in the amount sold is related to a factor that has nothing to do with the product as such: it is advertisement. You can make a mediocre product gain the heights of customer preference through advertising.

Types of advertising – The two major forms of advertising are Creative advertising and Directional advertising. Both these are necessary to accomplish marketing and sales of your organization.

Creative advertising – Creative advertising generally refers to the act of generating the need for buying your product by selling your product to the people.  You can do this through TV, radio, billboards and newspapers. The main work you have is to convince the customer to buy your product at the present time, rather than later. For this you need to have an offer that is gripping, persuasive and time-sensitive. You may even employ free online advertising for the purpose.

Directional advertising – Directional advertising is based on direct response. These include Internet Yellow Pages, Search Engine Marketing, Directories that come in print and also online, Pay-per-click, Pay-per-action etc. Through these you are directing the customer’s existing need by helping him to buy. It is more important first to be found then only you can be chosen.

A comparative outlook – The most important job at your hand to set up a successful marketing strategy is to create a strong directional advertising campaign. This is to cater to the need of the customers who would like to buy from you at the present moment. Thus you need to be accessible to them at first instead of concentrating too much on enticing future prospects. Since you will get chosen by what you will say you need to describe yourself uniquely.

The customers who can relate to your approach will automatically be directed to respond. It will however screen out a certain section who doesn’t appreciate what you say. On a positive note the customers whom you can serve well will dedicate a lifetime of money to your business. Creative advertising can now be built on this to provide incentives for further customers.

Thus you can see how you can boom your business by using the right strategy of advertising to enthrall customers.


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