Difference in Print Media Vs. Television Advertising

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Advertising is a means of creating awareness about the product and its respective brand to its potential customers.

Thus advertisements play an important role in communicating the information about the product, brand and thus boost the sales. These advertisements are conveyed to the target audience through different media like print, radio television, hoardings etc.

Depending upon the type of product, target audience, media objectives and other factors, media category is selected.

Each media category has its own unique characteristics and hence a different impact on the consumers.Therefore, correct selection of media plays a very important role. So, while selecting the medium for an advertising message, it’s very important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of media.

Print Media and television have a mass impact on the customers and are the most common medium of advertisements. With proper understanding and planning we can maximize the coverage and gain the best from them.

Print Media consists primarily of newspapers, magazines and yellow pages. Each of these sources of print media has different set of customers and therefore print media helps to reach those different target audiences. Newspapers and magazines have a loyal set of readers and thus form a strong and broad base of loyal customers.

And guarantees added readership. They are the best medium for targeting customers of a local area and can be read or viewed a number of times as per reader’s convenient time.So; this increases the chances of advertisements viewing. Magazines and newspapers are always in the eye amongst public. Magazines are read for several days and are even circulated which thus brings more attention to an advertisement.

Depending upon the target customers, print advertisements are also done through brochures or leaflets. In case of detailed information, a brochure is another option of print media. A leaflet is used when the message is a brief message.

Today television has become a member of every family. It has the potential to reach a mass audience at a national level. It is very effective tool of communicating message to its target audience as it has the ability to combine visual and audio communication and thus this makes the advertisements very attractive.

Because of this, it leaves a great impact on target audience and reaches people in a short span of time. There are hundred’s of channels and each channel has hundred’s of different programmes. Each of these channel have a different target audience. Thus, TV increases the probability of advertisements viewing amongst its audience.

It also provides the organizations an opportunity to advertise their products as per their target audience choice of channels/programmes or timing.Thus, it is able to reach large number of audience at national as well as regional level. Local channels and cables help to reach the local customers as well.

Thus, print media and television both have the potential to reach the masses and influence the target customers and their buying habits.

I thing that advertisement play important role in business and these advertisement are conveyed through media like TV or Radio.


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