Difference Between Advertising Agency and Branding Agency

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Two sources that are regularly contacted by businesses for boosting sales and protecting their brands are the advertising agencies and branding agencies.

Though there are some advertising agencies that carry out functions as branding agencies also, it has been seen that they are not 100% equipped with knowledge and tools for serving their clients.

One of biggest disadvantages that have been found associated with advertising agency is that these agencies serve only short term goals as they prepare campaigns or projects for near future only. They can come with great advertisements but all these are meant for short period only. On the other side, goals served by the branding companies are for long term.

They are mainly concerned with the brand and how it is affected through all types of actions undertaken by a company.

Branding agencies protect the brand also, in contrast to the advertising agencies. Branding agencies have contacts with the firms that specialize in copy rights, trade mark etc. While making the ads, advertising agencies are found little concerned about these things. This is the reason why cases of ‘brand conflict’ other.

Sometimes, because of these conflicts, companies have to compensate in huge manner when they are sued by another company. Branding agencies are well aware of these aspects and they take all care that no conflict occurs. Thus, it is very important that services of those agencies are hired that can produce advertisements without any ‘brand conflict’.

Many times, advertisements are found that put customer into an amazing situation. This is because advertising agency did not take care of real branding tools. If same advertisement has been prepared by any branding agency, it would have taken all care so that all the long term purpose of a company, viz. adding new clients, retaining existing clients and developing brand image, are easily served.

This aspect is not understood properly by the advertising companies. All actions of branding agencies are taken as per the brand identity of the advertiser. Strategies are also formulated accordingly.

For any company, most important task is to build the brand identity. If any brand becomes popular among public, it is carried for decades together and even if no advertisements are given, sales of the product is pushed through.

This task is successfully carried out by the branding agencies. With good perspectives, employees also stick to the company, which helps in further growth. They want to go with the image that is popular and identifies them easily.


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