Customer Support in Service Industry

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In this competitive world customer has many alternatives, they can change the suppliers for no reason, and customer has become more support oriented where in

Production Plan Design: Strategic Task

Production plan is mainly task which should be preformed by Production head and operation management. It is basically intermediate business plan which is developed on

Business Ethics: Mandatory For Long Term Gains

Business ethics is the term which should be adopted by all the units irrespective of their size and location. However the ethics should adheres not

Consumer Behavior: Impulsive Buying Pattern

There are various studies conducted by marketers, research firms and education institutes in order to recognize the consumer behavior in given situation. However No matter

Performance Management System in Business

Proper performance management helps one in tracking the performance of one’s employees and helps one in giving them

Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation

Fredrick Herzberg propounded the two factor theory of motivation by drawing a distinction between hygiene factors and motivators

Failure and Success Factors at Work Place

It is quoted somewhere the very first three months in job determine future in the company. During this time you tend to learn about the

Market Segmentation and its Advantages

Market Segmentation can be defined as dividing a market into sub-sets which consists of people who share homogeneous characteristics and thereby demand similar kind of

Equity Theory of Motivation

This theory is also known as the social comparison theory or inequity theory. It is based on the assumption that individuals are

Balanced Scorecard: Success Driving Management Tool

Top level executives or top management team while attending to various management tools for delivering business success can’t