Customer Service: A link between customer and the supplier

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Customer Service is a system organized to provide a long-lasting link between the customer and the supplier from the time, the order is received, goods/services delivered and used, with the objective of satisfying customer needs constantly.

Market positioning is nothing but manufacturing a product keeping a specific target group in mind and marketing the product to them. In other words the manufacturers concentrate on particular group of customer for there products.

Why is the team needed in an organization? Why when a project or a task is completed the leader always praises his team. It is always taught in schools to be a part of a team and work as a unit.

Many people find that their present income is insufficient to make ends meet. They could be seriously thinking of starting some business that could augment their income but may be put off by paucity of funds or time.

In this competitive world customer has many alternatives, they can change the suppliers for no reason, and customer has become more support oriented where in they speak of after sales satisfaction that a company extends for its own products.

Production plan is mainly task which should be preformed by Production head and operation management. It is basically intermediate business plan which is developed on the basis of forecast given by Sales / Marketing department.

Business ethics is the term which should be adopted by all the units irrespective of their size and location. However the ethics should adheres not merely in dealings with the customer but any one who is contributing to the success of organization/ company.

There are various studies conducted by marketers, research firms and education institutes in order to recognize the consumer behavior in given situation. However No matter how much this aspect of Marketing has been explored but it is still addressed as complicated and tricky issue.

It is quoted somewhere the very first three months in job determine future in the company. During this time you tend to learn about the new company working pattern, correlate with your potential and take the opportunity to start afresh with new ideas.

Top level executives or top management team while attending to various management tools for delivering business success can’t