Different Types of Business Advertising- Creative Advertising

You will often see that a particular product of a company sells more than a similar product of another company, despite no tangible difference in quality. This disparity in the amount sold is related to a factor that has nothing to do with the product as such: it is advertisement. […]

4C’s Of Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is referred to as combination of various marketing tools, which are used to form marketing strategy. Every organization has certain objectives, which needs to be achieved . These objectives are fulfilled through sales of its products. So; organizations must build a strong marketing mix for its successful marketing […]

B2B Advertising Methods

Business To Business Advertising – Most business to business (B2B) concerns relay simply on sales and telemarketing to garner sales. However, in today’s competitive business world just these two marketing efforts may not be sufficient to generate ample sales for your business. Although most B2B concerns believe that advertising isn’t […]