Biggest Mistakes Of Less Successful Sales Person

You must have heard the people say about a person in sales, “He is a very brilliant chap, sales is the best field for him”. The sales person should his story. It is sometimes unfortunate that though you might be smartest of them all in your team, still you miss […]

3 Ways To Market A Business

It is important for a business to undertake various forms of marketing activities in order to inform customers on its products and services. Without this information, it may not be possible to create awareness on the products and services offered by the company and to influence the purchase decision of […]

Meaning And Importance Of A Cash Receipt

While making sales is one of the prime objectives of any business, it is important for a company to prepare and maintain appropriate documentation in respect of each business transaction. A company enters into various purchase and sales transactions with its customers and vendors. In case of a small business, […]

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