Hedging is a mechanism to reduce the risk of adverse price movements of an asset. It’s an investment undertaken to reduce the risk of adverse Practical tips for money management No matter how much or how hard certain philosophers talk about money as a want, and not a necessity, they […]

Importance Of Bank Guarantee

What Is Bank Guarantee An essential component of any large order business transaction is advance cash payments and/or proof of liquidity. The seller of the product or service may want to see that the buyer has favorable cash or bank position to pay off the debt and the buyer needs […]

Four Important Steps In Calculation Of Accounts Receivable

Any company selling goods or providing services on credit to its customers will have accounts receivable in its balance sheet. Having accounts receivable may not EFT Versus Debit Card Nowadays, every bank account holder has multiple options for making payments. Different types of cards (debit and credit card) are available […]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Leasing Versus Purchasing

Companies require fixed assets like plant and machinery, land and building, furniture and fixtures, computer systems, commercial vehicles, etc. in order to carry out their day to day business activities. Generally, two options are available to a company in respect of acquisition of fixed assets. One option is to purchase […]

Types Of Accounting Procedures For Cash Received

Accounting Procedures For Cash Received A company makes sales in order to earn profits. In some cases cash may be received by the company at the time of making sales. However, in case of credit sales,cash is generally received by the company after a certain period of time. It is […]

What is Start-up Financing – Start-up Financing Sources

Start-up financing The initial investment of money that carry-outs a concept or endeavor into something tangible is called start-up financing and is suitable for any business, but, is sometimes difficult to get, even though, it is present everywhere. Its best use is to start an initial process to a position […]

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