Best practices in Project Management

Every organization would like to┬áhave the best practices in project management for successful and quick implementation of projects. But the truth is, ┬ámanaging a project from the start to finish does not require any extra-ordinary or new steps, just the usual standard procedures. To achieve best practices one needs to […]

Best Way To Choose An Accounting System

In a highly competitive business environment,companies are required to quickly adapt to the changes taking place in internal and external environment affecting the organization. Customers expect quick delivery of their orders and resolution of their complaints. Similarly, vendors expect timely and quick disbursement of their outstanding payments. Further, it is […]

3 Most Common Pitfalls For Family Businesses

The challenges you have to deal with in a family business are unique and different from the ones people usually face in other businesses. There are some very common threats to family businesses, which you must be able to identify and address as quickly as possible because a delay in […]

3 Important Organizational Leadership Theories

A person should have certain characteristics to be an effective leader. Various theories are given to explain these characteristics. The three most important theories are trait theories, behavior theories and contingency theories. Trait Theories According to this theory, leaders are born with special characteristics that make them unique and different […]

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