Balanced Scorecard: Success Driving Management Tool

Top level executives or top management team while attending to various management tools for delivering business success can’t afford to miss the most contemporary applied strategy, the balanced scorecard. Balanced Scorecard at core level is a premeditated planning and management system which has been implemented in various Private sector businesses, […]

Autocratic Leadership & It’s Models

Autocratic Leadership In this kind of leadership, the leader alone determines policy and makes plans. He tells other what to do and how to do it. He demands strict obedience and relies on the power of his position to reward and punish others. An autocratic leader maybe either authoritative who […]

Customer Service: A link between customer and the supplier

Customer Service is a system organized to provide a long-lasting link between the customer and the supplier from the time, the order is received, goods/services delivered and used, with the objective of satisfying customer needs constantly. Market positioning is nothing but manufacturing a product keeping a specific target group in […]

Benefits & Advantages of Management Information System

Benefits Decision Making The first development in the information systems that is combined with management to improve its process is the better understanding of the decision making process. The concept of programming or automating decisions is an outstanding development and forms the core of system design to build a base […]

5 Whys Analysis Strategy To Find Root Cause Of The Problem

Any organization when faced with problem needs to go through various steps as problem solving process- Identify the problem, Identify sources to resolve the problem, Plan the implementation of sources and finally execution. In the whole process first step is most vital as well as critical. If we are not […]

6 Major Tips To Build A Personal Assistant Business

Reliable, self-dependent, attentive, intelligent and smart are some of the qualities of a personal assistant. If you have the qualities of a personal assistant but do not know how to start this business then the following tips will help you to build a personal assistant business. Choose The Types Of […]