Internal Audit Versus External Audit

Every organization is required to maintain financial records of its business. Financial statements of an entity are required to be evaluated to ensure that they Three Important Advantages Of Aged Payables Report A company has to purchase various items for carrying out its business operations. For a manufacturing company, it […]

Customer Support in Service Industry

In this competitive world customer has many alternatives, they can change the suppliers for no reason, and customer has become more support oriented where in Production Plan Design: Strategic Task Production plan is mainly task which should be preformed by Production head and operation management. It is basically intermediate business […]

Dealing with Difficult People at Workplace

Every workplace has a variegated set of people and there are definitely some who are really difficult to deal with. They can belong to a Understanding Child Labor Laws One of the methods to save a little tax money is by employing members of your family as your employees. For […]

Securing the job

Have you ever being fired on short notice? Do you have nightmares of loosing job in a sluggish economy or depreciating growth of company? Let’s Leadership Development for Business Success There is a difference among companies – those that grow on and go on to be listed among the greatest […]

Fiedler’s Model Of Leadership

This model postulates that the effectiveness of leadership style depends on situational favorableness, i.e., the ease or difficulty with which the leader can influence his Six Sigma And The Confidence Intervals Six sigma approach has got the innate notion of the productivity that rests in the doctrine of perfection. That […]

The RAMP Model: Means to Study Business Opportunities

Every business idea or opportunity needs to be studied in detail before it is turned into a real product. There are many theories which can Discrimination at work place No place is just perfect place for work and various discriminatory actions at work place are very well known. Discrimination can […]

The Basics of Business Etiquette

The Basics of Business Etiquette The word etiquette literally means norms and behavior widely accepted by society in all aspects of life, including professional life Alderfer’s ERG Theory of Motivation The E, R and G theory stands for existence, relatedness and growth are the three sets of need which is […]