4 Steps To Increase Small Business Profit

Almost every business is carried with the objective of making profits. In the initial years of business operation, a small company has to assume many risks. It is very important for a small business to earn adequate returns from its business operations in order to survive for a long period […]

Business Resilience Planning And Being Resilient

Business Resilience – For your business, you have plans for short term and long term business growth, expansion, marketing, product development etc, but as a business manager, have you ever prepared a business resilience plan? Any type of business small, medium or large can face disaster any time; do you have […]

Manners In A Business Meeting

Business Meeting Etiquette Tips – Often, we only attend meetings and not chair them. It is not always that you will have to speak at a meeting, but it is still important to be as serious about it, since it does concern you.Make sure you dress appropriately. Be as formally […]

Implementing Business Ethics

Importance Of Business Ethics Business ethics is the term which should be adopted by all the units irrespective of their size and location. However the ethics should adheres not merely in dealings with the customer but any one who is contributing to the success of organization/ company. Although there is […]

What Is Business Credit Report – Need

Business Credit Report (BCR) is a very important document which contains in detail the company’s assets, expenditure and constitution by which it is governed. These three aspects give a general background of the business. It can also reveal the financial health of the company. This is very vital to an […]

How to Build Your Business with Passion

There is a basic difference in being an employee and being an entrepreneur that in case of entrepreneurship, you are your own boss. There is no one above you driving around and telling you what to do and what not to do. Here you need to be self-motivated all the […]

Brand Personification – Developing Your Brand Strategy

I wake up and sleep with a personality, spend my day with it and even travel with it.  Who may not be breathing, but its characteristics are always playing crucial role in all of our lives. Yes they are none other but Brands and advertisers have made then a personality […]