Characteristics of an Entrepreneur – Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

There are a number of important characteristics in common that are shared by great and successful entrepreneurs. Most of the characteristics are learned or developed by experience. Some important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are – Self confidence: To become success in the competitive business world of today, self confidence and […]

Changes in Standard of Living in the US economy

Concept The concept of the standard of living, apart from the possession of goods, also includes the dimensions of livelihood that can not be afforded by the person or simply not available, e.g., services offered by the state and the quality of the ecology. The methods to measure the standard […]

Choosing A Hosting Service For Business Website

Introduction To make your presence felt across the length and breadth of the market, online, you need to have a website and before that you require a web-hosting service. Among the availability of a number of website hosting services on the internet, the choice of a perfect kind as per […]

Important Business Strategies for a Start Up

Business Strategies A business strategy is very important if you are launching a business for the first time. A business strategy is something which is formulated in order to make your business competitive. When your business has a proper goal, strategy and implementation, then it will be able to run […]

Trends in B2B Marketing

Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy – Business to business marketing is a way of marketing products and services to the other business so as to assist in the working of other businesses. Business to business markets comprises of non- profit organization and government based institutions, resellers and the manufacturers. Business to business marketing […]

Understanding Chinese Business Culture And Etiquette

Business Practices In Chinese Culture – China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Entrepreneurs around the world are trying to explore Chinese markets for business opportunities. However, entrepreneurs must keep in mind that doing business in china is very different from doing business in West or any […]

Business of Non-medical Homecare

How to Start a Non Medical Home Care Business – Home Care Business Start-up Guide – As per the study conducted, it was found that about 13% of U.S population would be more than 65 years of age at the end of 2010. It was also found that in another […]

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