Best Ways To Advertise My Avon Business

Avon is the world’s number one direct selling beauty company. Over 5 million women worldwide work as Avon representatives. It is a good way to earn some extra money or even make long-term income. But like in every other business, some women are more successful at it and some, not […]

Email Advertising & It’s benefit for Business Promotions

Email Advertising One of effective ways of promoting product and services is email advertising. Potential attached with email advertising is immense. If carefully done, it is able to generate massive traffic, which results in huge revenues. As compared to other modes of advertising, email advertising is more beneficial. One of […]

Basis for Promotion – Advantages

There are two well-established bases of employee promotion namely, •    Seniority, •    Merit. Merit as the Basis of Promotion Merit refers to knowledge, skill, talent, competence, and capability as different from education, training, and past service record. Advantages Merit system makes better deployment of resources at the high level. Merit […]

Basic Steps To Develop Your Advertising Strategy

When it comes to developing a successful advertising strategy, planning is the keyword. A successful businessperson must have the ability to make the right business decision at the right time. However, you need to follow certain basic steps in order to prepare a marketing strategy that works. Following is a […]