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Collecting accumulated debts that are owed by customers is a major concern for many businessmen. A few suggestions of how you can recover this money owed without losing the customer are given below.

Small Business Debt Collection

Small scale businessmen find it difficult to collect the money that is owed to them. With a little planning and training, you may tackle the problem tactfully and comfortably. Basically, you need to communicate well with the customer.

This will let you know when you should approach him or render help, which could work in your favor in the future. You can categorize debtors into three categories. The first category consists of people who are willing to make the payments but are unable to do so.

The second category could be the people who are delaying the payments due to other financial obligations. The third and most worrisome group consists of people who deliberately avoid the payments.

You may work with the first two categories to persuade them to make the payments in full or in part, as they honestly do want to pay the debt off. The more important thing to do is to identify the third category at the earliest and take the proper steps or entrust the debt collection to an agency. An important rule to be followed is to be in constant touch with the customer till the payment payments without appearing to be harassing.

Business To Business Debt Collection

There are certain key points to be borne in mind when collecting debt from a business. The foremost point is that you have to be very polite and avoid annoying the customer. You should make them aware that you are following their case without irritating them with numerous phone calls etc.

Be explicit in what you say and never belittle him. Always make sure that you deal with him in a composed manner so that you are able to retain him even after he has made the payment.

If a customer is facing a genuine financial crisis, you should discuss matters with him and come to an agreement regarding the payment period. You have to make suitable negotiations whereby you are able to recover some money instead of losing all of it.

Although there are several methods that can be used for business debt collection, be sure that you are discreet and uncompromising at the same time. This attitude will convey you concern for the customer reputation as well and ensure that he does pay up eventually.


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