Business Communications And Advertising Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

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Advertising is a communication process to persuade its target users, viewers, and listeners to take a decision in respect to particular product or service. An advertisement should ideally carry a message for the target audience. Otherwise the whole effort of advertising will be lost.

On the other hand business communication is an integral part of any business. With the clear cut objective of communication, business communication conveys the message of promoting any particular product, service or any organization at large.

Meaning Of Business Communications And Advertising


Advertising to say, is the most effective way of promoting any product, service, or any other offering at large. It is the way of convincing a set of people or the masses to make a purchasing decision. There are broadly two types of advertising campaigns, namely Commercial Advertisement and Non-Commercial Advertisement. A commercial advertisement is something which focuses mainly on the sale of any particular product or service and is available through out the entire life cycle of it.

On the other hand non –commercial advertisements are majorly used by non profit or government bodies to create awareness among the masses. These types of advertisements are mainly created and issued in the public interest at large. For any organization, advertising plays the most vital role to decide upon its marketing mix, namely what product to launch, what should be the most effective price band for that new product, where should the company launch its new product and what type of promotional campaign should be most effective for the new product.

There are various ways and means through which an organization can advertise its product or service. Broadly we can divide advertisements in two categories, like, print media advertisements and electronic media advertisements. In print media advertisements a company can advertise in newspapers, bill boards, magazines, yellow pages, pamphlets, brochures etc. In electronic media advertisements a company can advertise in Television, Radio, and Internet etc.

Business Communications

Business communications involves communication within and out side the organization.It is indeed the life line of any organization. Without the presence of business communication the whole purpose of any activity within or out side the organization will be lost. Business communication is goal oriented and it evolves around certain rules and regulations. In business, communication is conveyed via various means, namely notices, letters, telephone, internet etc.

Business communication for any organization is absolutely important as it is the only way to share information, options, making plans, proposals and conveying executive decisions. Broadly there are two types of business communications, namely Internal Communication and External Communication. Internal communication comprises of communications within an organization, it involves all sorts of inter and intra departmental formal and informal communications.

In internal communications there are upward communications, that is, communication from the lower level of the company hierarchy to the upper management. On the hand downward communication comprises of communication from the upper management to the lower level staff of the company.

There is again a horizontal or lateral communication which happens between the people of the same rank within the organization to cooperate and collaborate.On the other hand external communication comprises of communication outside the company namely the shareholders, customers, vendors, media, government bodies etc.

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