Brand Personification – Developing Your Brand Strategy

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I wake up and sleep with a personality, spend my day with it and even travel with it.  Who may not be breathing, but its characteristics are always playing crucial role in all of our lives. Yes they are none other but Brands and advertisers have made then a personality who behaves like human and speaks for themselves about their characters. Advertisers have very correctly assigned them human personality traits in order to make them prominent in crowded super market shelf.

This trait poses the brand behavior, and it is their packing or promotion which speaks about themselves and even the celebrities or person endorsing them in commercials. For instance – Nike and Reebok speaks about youth and sports. United colors of Benetton speak about lively and colorful cloths.  Victoria’s secret, speak for them selves as special lingerie for today’s women. Some brands, the moment endorsed or displayed just represent their uniqueness, value and intellectualism. Since they are no more just products, we use in our day to day life, they are celebrities and associating with them is prestigious matter.

Garnier beauty products have been endorsed by numerous Hollywood celebrities and it is these celebrities exemplify the brand personality traits. The moment we come across Garnier products in super market, we associate the problem solution given by these products which celebrity expressed on brand’s behalf.

However advertiser must pay attention that celebrity should not look bigger than picture otherwise brand shall be outshine completely, in fact celebrity should guarantee immediate awareness, acceptability and optimism towards the brand. Brand personality is ideally the result of all the consumer’s experiences with the brand. It is unique and long lasting.

One more thing which is associated with Brand personification, it develops the emotional associations of the brand with customer.  Advertiser’s first work towards building the brand image in the customers mind, talking about tangible and operational aspect of the brand and it is brand personification or characterization which connects the customer with brand emotionally. The appropriate brand characterization considering the classification on the basis of factors such as age, gender or class will be more effective.


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