Brand Elements – What Makes Brands Great? – Creating A Successful Brand

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It always comes to mind that what makes a particular brand so memorable that it runs keep recurring in our mind. Whenever discussing a brand name, the big names like Yahoo, Google etc come to mind.

These names are unconventional yet very successful. Cadbury’s marketing strategy comes to mind when ever thinking about unconventional marketing approaches.

The Jingle made by Nescafé starts playing when we get to have cup of coffee. The logo of apple clicks even set to eat apple.

What is it that makes them a brand running at the top of the mind every time?
There are different brand elements Viz., brand name, Logos and Symbol, Slogan, Jingles, Packaging etc…

Brand Name: Making a brand to be easily memorable starts with the brand name. When we are in happy mood or enjoying often we coin the term, Yahoo… selecting a brand name is ofcourse required to be very simple so that it can be easily memorized and remain in our sub-conscious mind. Just try to remember a brand with a difficult spelling or pronunciation.

Logos and Symbol: Apple, Microsoft Windows, Jaguar, etc are such brands which runs in the mind through their physical appearances, there symbol or logo. However, that does not mean that every one shall keep such a symbol. Coca – cola can be recognized by the fonts used in it. Nike with a right sign, Motorola with M written in a circle; these brands have there own association, of making their respective brands popular.

Slogans: Slogans are very useful in creating a brand positioning. For instance; “Hungry? Snickers Really Satisfies” positions itself as satisfying hunger. State Farm Insurance’s “like a good neighbor, State Farm is always there” has been used for decades to represent the brand’s dependability and friendship.

Jingle: Jingles are musical message written around the brand. “Give me Break” jingle for Kit Kat brand candy has been sung for a long time. Intel’s distinctive three-second, four-not sound signature to their own or co-op ads echoes the company’s slogan (“In-tel In-side”)

Packaging: Packaging is one of the initial parts of making the brand a successful. The packing of Coca – Cola is patented all around the world.

Apart from these there are other elements like color, Character Company image etc that makes a brand to hammer the mind.