Biggest Mistakes Of Less Successful Sales Person

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You must have heard the people say about a person in sales, “He is a very brilliant chap, sales is the best field for him”. The sales person should his story. It is sometimes unfortunate that though you might be smartest of them all in your team, still you miss out to make a good sale.

Here are some questions which should be asking yourself which will help you to identify your mistakes while at your job.

Is help out there for you? There was an era when calls were made using a telephone directory or some yellow pages to get an appointment, and might have probably worked to meet the sales target for the companies. Today, the world has changed. Because of the immense competition which you have from so many of your competitors, the pitch out there is a tough one.

Especially since the introduction of internet, it is a different ball game all together. In such situations, an extra help from your dear colleagues, families

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