Best practices in Project Management

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Every organization would like to have the best practices in project management for successful and quick implementation of projects. But the truth is,  managing a project from the start to finish does not require any extra-ordinary or new steps, just the usual standard procedures. To achieve best practices one needs to execute the project plan properly.

As the definition of Project Management goes – it is a carefully planned and organized effort to achieve a specific goal.

Most projects fail because its planning is not done carefully. Planning is the foundation of your project, and if that is weak the whole process fails.
Here we list down some best practices for successfully managing a project:
Understand the scope of the project first and then only make others manage it. Do a feasibility study to understand the value of the project.

Start Planning: Uncomplicate the project by breaking it into simple understandable units- known as work breakdown structure. For each unit of work, identify the project goal and milestone. Develop a step by step implementation plan/chart with deliverables. Make the plan realistic. Allocate task to team members as per their competencies

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