Brand Personification – Developing Your Brand Strategy

I wake up and sleep with a personality, spend my day with it and even travel with it.  Who may not be breathing, but its characteristics are always playing crucial role in all of our lives. Yes they are none other but Brands and advertisers have made then a personality […]

Best Ways To Advertise My Avon Business

Avon is the world’s number one direct selling beauty company. Over 5 million women worldwide work as Avon representatives. It is a good way to earn some extra money or even make long-term income. But like in every other business, some women are more successful at it and some, not […]

Biggest Mistakes Of Less Successful Sales Person

You must have heard the people say about a person in sales, “He is a very brilliant chap, sales is the best field for him”. The sales person should his story. It is sometimes unfortunate that though you might be smartest of them all in your team, still you miss […]

Best Tools To Support HR Planning Of Your Company

Any organization needs a well established and functional Human resource department for stimulating its growth. The HR department focuses on the business practices, goals of the company, the requirements to achieve the goals and other applications that will help the organization to achieve the set targets. In doing so, it […]

Best practices in Project Management

Every organization would like to have the best practices in project management for successful and quick implementation of projects. But the truth is,  managing a project from the start to finish does not require any extra-ordinary or new steps, just the usual standard procedures. To achieve best practices one needs to […]

Best Way To Choose An Accounting System

In a highly competitive business environment,companies are required to quickly adapt to the changes taking place in internal and external environment affecting the organization. Customers expect quick delivery of their orders and resolution of their complaints. Similarly, vendors expect timely and quick disbursement of their outstanding payments. Further, it is […]