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To achieve your sales targets, you have to attract and inform the potential customers about your products, so as to entice them into making a purchase decision. And well, the aggressive selling strategy which was quite popular over the past two decades doesn’t seem to deliver good results in terms of sales.

So what can you do to attract and entice customers in the present day scenario?Here is a short list of all the things that can help in widening and strengthening your customer base, so as to achieve the desired sales targets.

Let them know

Sharing information with the existing as well as potential customers is a nice way to attract them and build an interest about your company and its products in their mind. Dish out as much information as you deem fit to educate and guide the customer.

Sending out periodic newsletters or SMS, works well in keeping the customers updated and eliciting a positive response from them. The more you interact with your customers the more they will be attracted to your company’s products and the more they are likely to make purchases from you.

Rewarding the customers

Mail or distribute promotional coupons and freebies to attract potential customers to your brand and to entice them into buying your products. Nearly 30% of the customers end up making purchases to encase coupons or to get the promotional gifts.

And when you carry out enticing promotional offers during holiday seasons, you can double up your sales instantly. As humans we are all greedy and are always on the look out for getting more with our money and that’s exactly the sentiment you’re trying to exploit so as to attract and entice the potential customers.

The good deed

You’ve probably heard “to reap good, you must do good”, and although it’s an age-old dictum, it still holds true in the present day business scenario. People value companies which don’t sound completely profit oriented. And that’s the reason why most companies today associate themselves with social causes and charities.

It’s quite a nice way of boosting sales, by telling your customers that a certain percentage of the revenue from a certain product will be used to sponsor some good cause. Feeding the social causes earns a good reputation for your brand, and this little niceness of yours can increase your customer base by 10-30 percent.


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