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What is that thing which no individual in the modern world is able to avoid in spite of  one’s best effort? The answer is advertising. Irrespective of weather you are indoors or outdoors, reading or watching television, surfing the net or just relaxing on a beach, advertising catches up with you every single time.

They will sneak up on you from the corners of your television or the computer screen or garb your attention from the center of a newspaper.

They will scream at you from billboards and will snoop down on you in the form of handout or pamphlets.While there is no denying the fact that advertisements are important to individuals in making appropriate decisions, it is also a fact that they are hugely responsible for consumer behavior patterns. An advertisement has the power to influence the minds of the customer who are at cross roads in making a decision regarding a product. In fact some advertisements are so powerful that the consumer can end up buying something diametrically opposite to what he/she actually wanted.

Every advertisement aims at establishing a customer relationship and the subsequent exposures does go a long way in making the customer feel positive about the product being advertised. Advertising does nor necessarily involve product promotion. It could be a business idea, an online marketing concept or simply the latest idea from the work from home factory.

Advertising industry has come a long long way today. Technological advancements and Internet marketing ideas has been exploited to the hilt by advertising professionals. The idea of getting famous people to endorse brands has worked wonders for many  years and is perhaps the most outdated advertising concept that still works as much as it did in the last few decades.

Advertisement has in its latest avatar become the source of unmitigated entertainment to the consumers. Event sponsorship, taking up social causes while subtly displaying brands and companies are among the latest marketing plans of leading companies. Consumers fall head over heels at free sampling seminars or at buy- three-get- one- free promotional events.

In the years to come, one can expect advertising industry to get more and more aggressive in their quest to get a bigger share of the market pie. The day is not far  when companies would concentrate only on getting the product across to the customers by any which methods. Customer satisfaction can then go for a toss.


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