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Advertising is an expensive proposition for small businesses and you might end up spending hundreds of dollars with little or no result. The best way to advertise about your business is through methods which are free or very cost-effective.

You can put up posters on bulletin boards to advertise your business. You can find the bulletin posting boards in grocery stores, launderettes, sporting clubs, fitness clubs,    medical clinics, and vet clinics and in some of the public places.You can also establish a networking link with your vendors. You can request your suppliers and vendors so that they create a link to your website from their own website. The networking can also extend to other domains also. You can speak to the business owners in your area and try to strike a deal with them. You can make an offer to display their business cards, brochures and website links and they can reciprocate by doing the same for you.

There is also a great advantage in building a good friendly rapport with your clients. When they are satisfied with your products and services they will promote your name and business to your some other person. So your business will grow through word of mouth. You can also donate magazines to different organizations. These magazines should deal with products that will create your business interest.

You can even try the internet for reaching a whole lot of people. You can post your advertisements on free online posting boards or if you like you can also start a Customer Referral program among your current client base. You can also start giving discounts to specific set of people like the students, firemen or government officials.

Whatever medium you choose you simply cannot ignore the internet as the place for your free advertisements. You just cannot imagine the amount of people you can reach over the net. The online market places are very dynamic in nature and you must learn to properly advertise here so that you get the maximum number of hits in little time. You must submit new ads from time to time so that you are always a step ahead from your competitors.


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