5 Simple Tools For A Paperless Office

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The concept of paperless office is gaining momentum in present times, as it allows businesses and organizations to increase their profit margins. For achieving paperless office status, a business has to use certain tools. All these tools have been designed for reducing the use of paper in different types of business and organizational activities.

There are many types of office works that are usually carried out with the help of paper. For example, activities like mailing of letters, invoicing, and business orders are normally carried out by using paper. By deploying certain tools, use of paper can be reduced or avoided easily.

The ShoeBoxed For Paperless Office

First type of tool that is used in paperless office is ShoeBoxed. This type of tool is used effectively by many small businesses. This tool helps in avoiding use of paper for many types of office works. ShoeBoxed helps in scanning the papers and indexing them in the account so that they can be retrieved easily later on. This tool also helps in getting detailed reports, which can be easily integrated in the existing database of business.

Various formats in which these reports can be used are Excel, Outlook and Quicken. ShoeBoxed is considered as one of best tools for turning a huge pile of unorganized papers into a perfect report. This tool is used mainly for the digitization of receipts.

CloudContacts For Paperless Office

CloudContacts is other tool that is normally used in paperless office. This tool helps in scanning and transcribing the business cards on different types of social networks. Business cards can also be connected to email services. Thus, a person gets access to these cards from anywhere in the world. By using this took, sales potential of business can be easily exploited.

Through this type of tool, any type of data can be imported to emails or Outlook. This tool also provides easy access to social media, as a link is incorporated into the desired data. Through this link, a person can easily get connected to social websites like Twitter or Facebook.

Zumbox For Paperless Office

Zumbox is other tool that is used for having a paperless office. This tool helps businesses and organizations in sending paper materials to all the physical addresses in a digital form. Businesses can easily enable their Zumbox account. For activating the address, a physical mail and a pin code are sent by Zumbox. Through this tool, individuals as well as businesses can send different types of digital communications to any location in the world and there is no need of email address. One restriction attached with this tool is that sender and receiver of information are required to opt-in to their respective accounts.

Freshbooks And Earth Class Mail

Freshbooks is a tool that can be used for making invoices in a fast manner in a paperless office. It is a web-based software and by means of login ID and password, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All invoices are sent through email.Last type of tool that is generally used in paperless office is Earth Class Mail. A special code is assigned to a person on signing up and existing businesses address is added to the database. All incoming papers to this address are scanned and stored in the designated account.