5 Important Benefits Of Packaging

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Packaging is used as a marketing tool by many companies. We always prefer to purchase products with proper packaging. Packaging varies according to the nature of the product. For Instance; a special type of airtight packaging is frequently used for food items.

Let Us Study The Benefits Associated With Packaging:

a) Information And Comparison:

A package may contain information on the product it contains. Details can range from features, price, nature of the product, product expiry date and so on. For Instance, a symbol may indicate that a particular food item is suitable for vegetarians only. Similarly a package may contain details as to whether the product is of a hazardous nature or not. Sometimes this information becomes the very basis for a purchase decision.

Such information also facilitates Comparison:  Information mentioned on a package is often compared with products of similar nature. For Instance, a customer may be looking for low cholesterol oil. Packaging can help this customer to check the level of cholesterol in different types of oils available in the market.

b) Safety In Packaging:

Packaging plays a very important role in ensuring that the product is delivered to the customer in appropriate condition. A customer will never buy a product with faulty or no packaging. Products are frequently transferred from one location to another and without proper packaging; there is a high probability that products may get damaged during transportation or movement from one place to another. Hence, proper packaging facilitates easy transportation as well.

c) Storage With Packaging:

It is much easier to store properly packaged products. For Instance, it will be very difficult to handle 100 pieces of an electric bulb separately. However by dividing 100 pieces into four equal packages containing 25 bulbs, it will be much easier to maintain control. Also it becomes much easier to identify products of a particular type, validity period and so on. Further, storing highly perishable item or hazardous products without packaging can cause serious problems.

d) Quality With Packaging:

Packaging helps to retain the quality of the product. With increase in export from one country to another, customer base is no longer restricted to domestic market. Hence delivering quality has gained more significance in last few years. Properly packaged products ensure that goods reach customers in the same form as they were originally produced. This is particularly important in case of food and perishable items.

e) Marketing Tool:

Packaging can be used by companies to create brand awareness. By using an attractive packaging, a company can distinguish its products from those of its competitors. Also, an attractive packaging can be useful in getting quick attention of potential customers.

It can further be used to inform customers on new products that the company is planning to launch in near future. By mentioning customer care number or email id in case of any problems, a company can obtain quality feedback on its products without spending too much money or making any extra effort. In some cases, a customer may also visit website mentioned on the package to check other products offered by the company.


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