3 Profitable Small Business Ideas For This Winter

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Winter does not just bring cold weather; it brings plenty of opportunities for small businesses as well. If you are looking out for a creative way to supplement your income without investing a fortune, you can consider starting one of the following profitable small businesses this winter.

3 Profitable Small Business Ideas For This Winter

Selling Greeting Cards

Winter brings a season of festivals like Christmas and New Year. This can be your opportunity to show your creative talent and turn it into money. You can do this by starting a greeting cards business. Though this type of business can be started anytime of the year, but it is winter that brings the real festive mood for people.

Put your creativity at work, design beautiful cards, but keep the prices highly competitive. Budgeting becomes a big problem for people during the festive season and they want to buy quality products at a cheaper price. Offer them exactly what they are looking for and your business will rock. Designing your cards from scratch may not be a wise idea, as it can cost you a lot of time.

There are lots of websites on Internet that provide free access to thousands of royalty-free images and fonts. You can just mix them together in a highly creative way to design your unique-looking cards. Your real investment is the time that you have to spend to come up with humorous and heart-touching messages and quotations.

In terms of money, you will have to pay the paper and printing cost. Set the prices of your cards as competitive as you can, making sure you can still make a good profit even if you sell half of the total lot. You can sell these cards at home parties, craft fairs and even from your home (like a garage sale).

Offering Christmas Light Hanging Services

As winter begins, people start preparing for Christmas and New Year. There is a vast majority of people who are ready to pay a decent amount of money to anyone who has the ability to hang Christmas lights creatively on their homes. These are the people who are either too busy to do this task on their own or are the ones with certain physical problems.

There are also people who have time and ability, but they still want to hire a professional person to hang the lights. A wise idea is to click pictures of all your works and prepare an album.

This way, you can easily impress people by showing them the album of your previous works. It will get you more jobs quickly. Your income potential can be very high if you start early. You can do as much work as you want.

Offering Snow Removal Services

Where winter brings a festival season, it also brings heavy snow falls, which block the pathways and roadways. Snow removal business can be a highly profitable idea, as it provides you opportunities both in residential as well as in commercial areas.

If you want to start this business on a small level, all you need to buy is a shovel. For broader areas, you will have to invest in a good quality snow blower as well. You can either keep your snow removal services limited to just your neighborhood areas or offer your services to commercial markets as well.

Overall, the opportunities are plenty when it comes to starting a small business this winter with very little capital but with lucrative income potential.